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“Through the Looking Glass”


Below are some photos I took from an exhibit on Dale Chihuly’s glass art called “Through the Looking Glass” at the MFA in Boston. ┬áThe exhibit was extremely colorful so I thought it’d be a good idea to feature it here, plus his works are awesome!

The exhibit starts off with rippled orange and yellow disks looking like psychedelic UFO's.

A boat filled with colorful glass knicknacks seems to glide across the glass waters.

A vase filled with flowers glints in the light and casts shadows on the ground.

A dazzling array of multicolored patterned Mexican blankets fill up a wall.

Red stalks of grass? Flowers that look like gramophones? Why not? Anything can be found in Chihuly's world

More of Chihuly's kaleidoscopic interpretations of nature

A cherub floats among swirly seashells in a warm golden sea of light.

A frosty blue glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, looking like an alien tree.

What disco balls will look like in the future!