I’m a senior at Boston University studying Journalism and Philosophy, and this is my blog for my Online Journalism class.  I’ve loved books ever since I was little.  While other kids were playing video games or running around outside, I was always reading.  What type of book it was, I had no discrimination, I remember when I was little and used to sit in the laundromat waiting for the clothes to come out, there were times I just sat with a dictionary highlighting words I thought sounded cool, or trying to copy random pictures in encyclopedias.  Now my favorite things to read are fiction and memoirs, and also a guilty pleasure- magazines like Cosmo and Glamour!  I also love drawing and painting, which probably stems from being from a family of artists, but I think what drew me in the most were all the colors there were and how awesome I thought each one was.  My favorite color switched between sky blue and shocking pink when I was little.  Now I love green, but I think the whole rainbow of colors is still the best.  My love for colors led me to make that the subject of this blog, and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it!

🙂 Yul


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