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How to tie dye/water marble your nails


Who says tie-dyeing is only for clothes?  Below, I’ll show you how to tie-dye your nails!  The process is actually called water marbling, but the effect is very similar.  Have fun!


So a hairy biker goes into a bar and orders an appletini…


Cosmos, appletinis, and Sex on the Beach…what colors are these popular drinks? Various shades of pink, orange, yellow, red, and light green. And who likes these drinks usually? Girls. Why? Because a lot of girls like pretty things in pretty colors. It’s just that simple! In fact, when I was at the airport coming back from Thanksgiving break, the lady at the bar made me a special drink that she had concocted herself–it was called Rainforest and was such a pretty lime green color and of course tasted tropical too. But, my dad loved the drink too which shows that of course it’s not only girls who can like fruity, yummy, “girly” drinks…(side note: guys, if you like the way a drink tastes, just drink it! Don’t even worry about looking like a girl or a pansy.)


Sex on the Beach drink (Image by Thiago Martins via Flickr)

But anyways, my point here is to point out how companies and even bars use colors to target a particular audience. Today, I bought a pack of drinks called “Mojo.” It’s a malt beverage the flavor I had was strawberry and kiwi, but the colors and bottle design is what really tells you who the company made this drink for. The bottle is extremely skinny, which I’ve noticed a lot of “female-targeted” drinks do, like if you’ve seen this margarita called “Skinny Girl”, it’s made with far less calories than a typical drink, and it’s in a really skinny, tall bottle, which is reminiscent of a skinny figure which let’s face it, a lot of women in our society place importance in or appeal to be. So, back to the colors of “Mojo”, it’s got a hot pink and yellow stripe pattern going down the bottle, and we all know the color pink is associated with girls.

Skinny Girl Margarita time! --- IMAG0676

Image by J-Ezzy via Flickr

Now, let’s compare this to beers. What colors are beers in cans usually? They consist of a mix of blue, silver, beige, dark burgundy, just regular simple uncomplicated colors. And beers in bottles? The bottles are dark brown, green, or clear…but that actually has more to do with light affecting the quality of the beer. So let’s look at the labels…let’s take for an example Harpoon’s 100-Barrel Series. This has a very dignified, classic, no-frills label. No fun, bright colors or kitschy patterns and designs.


Harpoon beer (Image by Kurt Schlachter via Flickr)

It’s not rocket science to figure out that things marketed towards guys won’t look cute and super adorable and sunny and bright…although that’s not to say that guy-targeted things will look boring! Anything but that! But just saying that in general, things marketed towards girls will use colors like pink or red more and bright colors too to attract their attention because girls really just do like pretty things. But, this is just a generalization. If you’re a dude with an unquenchable passion for cosmos, go ahead and have ’em!  And for my girls who love to chug beer, go out and get ’em!  There’s nothing that you can’t or shouldn’t do just because “it’s weird” or it’s not common.