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Fall fashion and musings


So I’ve been back home for Thanksgiving (woohoo!) but I’m leaving tomorrow…sadly!  But, I did a lot of shopping today for winter and of course I couldn’t help but notice all the colors of fall/winter fashion. In terms of shoes, there was a lot of your typical browns and blacks, but also a lot of jewel tones, as is usually the case with fall fashion.  (Note: although none of these pictures were taken by me, they reflect the fall trends I saw when I was shopping.)

Best Shoes of Fall 2011

Fall 2011 shoes (Image by Rose Reyes via Flickr)

And of course, the staple of staples, tried and true, withstanding the test of time, stands black as our champion color of winter.  I saw a lot of black everywhere, in clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry.

outfitted - day 77:365

Image by LaShina via Flickr

But, as much as I love black as the next girl for its slimming powers, sleekness, overall versatility and making whatever style you have look great, it’s nice to see some color in these short, gray days of transitioning to winter.  I actually saw a lot of bright colored shoes with sparkles galore and brightly colored nails, too.

Catwalk Nails: Jen Kao Fall 2011

Nails seen in Jen Kao Fall 2011 Runway Show (Image by Olena Frostlander via Flickr)

No matter what the trends are, I’m just excited that the change of seasons gives me a reason to shop for new clothes!  How many of you do a complete overhaul or even just love shopping for different seasons?  Comment below!


In-class video project: Where would you want to wake up?


So today my classmate Hanna and I took to the streets to find out people’s answers to one question: If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?  Not surprisingly, many students were ready to take a break for Thanksgiving, so many said that they wanted to be home.  But, a lot of others preferred the opposite and wished to wake up someplace far, far away.  Check out our video below!

“Through the Looking Glass”


Below are some photos I took from an exhibit on Dale Chihuly’s glass art called “Through the Looking Glass” at the MFA in Boston.  The exhibit was extremely colorful so I thought it’d be a good idea to feature it here, plus his works are awesome!

The exhibit starts off with rippled orange and yellow disks looking like psychedelic UFO's.

A boat filled with colorful glass knicknacks seems to glide across the glass waters.

A vase filled with flowers glints in the light and casts shadows on the ground.

A dazzling array of multicolored patterned Mexican blankets fill up a wall.

Red stalks of grass? Flowers that look like gramophones? Why not? Anything can be found in Chihuly's world

More of Chihuly's kaleidoscopic interpretations of nature

A cherub floats among swirly seashells in a warm golden sea of light.

A frosty blue glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, looking like an alien tree.

What disco balls will look like in the future!

Fall into Boston


New England is known for its gorgeous fall season and Boston is no exception.  While walking around, I noticed the myriad of colors on the trees and just the beauty of nature changing around us in preparation for winter.  To really get a close up into this fascinating and exiquisite time of the year, I made a Soundslide on fall in Boston.  Here’s the link:


English: Fall in New England.

Fall in New England (Image via Wikipedia)