The magic of makeup


Badass rocker chick, innocent angel, ’80s prom queen, smolderingly sexy…whatever look you want to channel a certain day, makeup can do it all!  Women have been using makeup for decades to slightly spice up their look or completely change how they look.  Here’s a link to a slideshow from on how different the same person can look when you tweak a few things about their makeup.

So, how do certain makeup techniques and colors work to make you look scary or sexy or innocent?  Let’s look at a few and try to see the effects certain colors produce when used on your face:

a) The romantic, pretty, cheeks flushed pink with love look:

English: Makeup before attendance. Српски / Sr...

Image via Wikipedia

  • big, bright eyes with long, luscious lashes
  • rosy cheeks
  • pink or red shiny lips
Your cheeks naturally turn pink when you start blushing after someone gives you a compliment, or if you talk to someone you’re smitten with.  The rosy blush mimics this effect.  Batting your lashes is one of the most easiest and foolproof ways to flirt with someone and hold their attention.  Lashes are obviously best seen when they’re long and dark, and it’s also a sign of youth and health if you have nice lashes, compared with elderly people whose lashes are brittle, short, and maybe white, too.  Lips naturally turn red or some type of rosy when you’re aroused and attracted to someone.  And shiny lips look better than dry, cracked, pale lips, which can be more reminiscent of a feverishly ill girl or a zombie…
b) The badass rocker chic-I-don’t-give look:
  • black, black, and lots of black around your eyes!
black and green eyes

Image by Adriana Chira via Flickr

We all know that black is the color of badasses all around the world.  Black is worn by vandals, biker gangs, members of the occult, villians, anyone who doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks of them, who have too much testosterone and an impulse for debauchery.  Eyes are the windows to your soul and what better way to tell people that you’re not all sparkles and pink bows than to layer black upon black upon another swipe of black eyeliner then smudge it all into a dark vortex into your soul?  Black is the opposite of pink–not on the color wheel but in meaning–so it makes sense that a color that’s used to convey that you’re this damsel who radiates beauty and warmth is not used in a look that’s supposed to convey the opposite vibe.
Below is a podcast I made about this if you’d rather listen than read:

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