The Detriot Lions…harboring a demon on their team?

So while watching the football game between the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, I noticed something that made me go, “Wait, what…?!”

What I saw…was a pair of red eyes.  Yup, a pair of completely red eyes on a big, burly, bald dude with only a goattee…scary.

Kyle Vanden Bosch

Image by Jeffrey Beall via Flickr

I of course went to my computer to google what the hell was going on and found out that this guy is Kyle Vanden Bosch–defensive end for the Detriot Lions.  It turns out that Bosch wasn’t celebrating Halloween early nor is a devil or albino, like many speculated, but that he was actually wearing amber-colored sports contact lenses made by Nike that increases contrast so that it’s easier to see balls.  For any of you who’s interested, below is a video taken from Youtube explaining the science behind how this works.

So this made me wonder, “Is he allowed to do that?” because doesn’t he gain an unfair advantage from this?  Is this on the same level as chugging energy drinks before a game or taking protein supplements?  Or is it more like the advantage gained by taking steroids?  I’m not too sure about how unfair of an advantage this is, but nevertheless, it’s definitely got to be intimidating being a player running across the field then suddenly coming face to face with a vampire.  That’s definitely an advantage–being able to freak out guys who are 6′ 5” and weigh 300 pounds.

Either way, it’s definitely not new news that red eyes are creepy.  They conjure up images of evil, Dracula, being possessed, demons…but where does our correlation between red eyes and diabolical intentions come from?  I think it’s because red is a color that has been associated with rage, anger, violence, power, anything that lets you know that something is up and you need to be on alert.  Red symbolizes fire, which has to power to destroy things on a great scale, being able to burn down whole villages and forests, and burning people alive.  Red is the opposite of blue which symbolizes water, without which nothing can grow and there can be no life on Earth.  That’s my opinion on Bosch’s surprising look, but here’s a Storify I made that shows the media’s and other people’s views on Kyle Vanden Bosch’s red eyes.

[View the story “Kyle Vanden Bosch’s red eyes” on Storify]

red eye tree frog


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